Medicine biology elect model
Human anatomical model
Histology & embryology model
C.P.R obstetrice & gynecology
Acupuncture、pathology model
Surgery model
Medicine diagnostic model
Legal medicine model
Biological model
Geography model
Biology teaching slide
Drug promotions model
Livestock specimens model
Human specimens
Dissecting desk and stainless
SMD056:The expansion model of cartilagines laryngeals and musculi laryngis
SMD058:The model of trachea( broncHus and segmental bronchi)
SMD059:The dissection model of lung
SMD0581:The dissectiOn modeh o& larynx( trabhea, bronchus anD seg-e.tal bronchi
SMD0582:The model o& segmeNtal bronchi of color di3crimination
SMD061:The model of transparent pulmonary segments
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